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Electronic calendar appointments (attachments included on Event Instructions email)

John Mitchell
posted this on October 11, 2010 19:16

LearningSource sends calendar appointments as attachments to Event Instructions and reminders.  These allow customers to easily add an appointment for the event directly into their electronic calendar.  Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Entourage, or any other program that supports iCal appointments will support this feature.  Appointments can also be used by many smartphones.



The calendar appointments include a reminder 24 hours before the event start. 

Automated updates

If you change details of an event, such as the date or location, LearningSource will give you the option to send email updates to all involved.  These emails will also include a calendar appointment update.  When recipients open and accept the change, the original appointment will update with the new information.


Cannot open the attachments 

Some of your customers will not be using an electronic calendar, so when they click on the file they will receive an error message such as "Cannot open file".  If you receive an email from your customers asking you about the attachment(s), we recommend responding with a simple message such as:

"The attachments are electronic calendar appointments.  You can use these if you use Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Entourage, or any other calendar program that supports iCal appointments.  When you open and save the attachment, an appointment will be automatically added to your calendar.   It will even include a reminder before the event start."


  • Ability to turn the feature off -  You can turn off the calendar appointments feature altogether (calendar appointments are on by default)
  • Ability to adjust the reminder period - You can increase or decrease the reminder period from the default 24 hours.

Simply send an email to support@learningsource.co.nz with your request.